2″ Steel Roller, 10 Ball Bearing with 7″ Stem


7″ Stem

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2″ Steel Roller with 7″ Stem, 10 Ball Bearing. Deep grooved machined races. Bulged shoulder. Rating: 75lb load: 15,000 cycles of a 12′ door
Steel rollers are used on some doors with wind load kit with a lot of garage door manufactures. The wind load kit is extra bracing and sometime extra hinges used in high wind areas, these kits a lot of times have to use these long stem rollers to go through 2 hinges that are mounted side by side. they provide good life and good service for your door.
If you are looking to make your door super quiet, low maintenence, and longer life then look to changing you rollers to the 13 Ball Bearing Seal Nylon Roller with 7″ Stem https://diygaragedoorparts.com/product-p/173115.htm

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YouTube video

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Weight .47 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 1.75 × 1.75 in


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