13 Ball Bearing Sealed Nylon Roller 7″ Stem – 25,000 Cycles (Made For 2″ Track)


Garage Door Nylon Roller 7 Inch Stem


1 13/16” nylon coated with sealed 13 ball bearings (Made For 2″ Track)- this roller is the real deal, it has a rated weight capacity of 125 per roller and 25,000 cycle rating. The great thing about this roller is that it is packed in grease and the 13 ball bearings are sealed off from the outside environment. This keeps dirt and grit out of the bearing races for extremely long life and to make your garage door so quiet your neighbors will be envious.

When your door is operating smoother and quieter it means that there is less friction. This will make your opener last much longer when it is not dragging your door up or dragging the door down. You are also increasing the life of your garage door by taking stress off of the top panel where the opener pushes and pulls.

The purpose of the 7″ stem is if you have 2 hinges side by side for the stem to go through. This is usually used on really wide, heavy doors that required a wind load kit.

YouTube video

YouTube video

YouTube video

Additional information

Weight .44 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 1.75 × 1.75 in


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  2. Jeffery Cope

    The rollers I ordered were great but I knew they would be before I installed them. The people of the company are what made my experience great. I ordered my rollers and they came in super quick, wrong but quick. I made a 2 second phone call and in no time the correct ones arrived with no hassle showing me how good the customers service truly is. However on the downside when I went to place my order and put my zip code in to the box it asked me too to calculate my shipping it did not reflect the actual cost in fact it said 0.00 and it was not until the last second it was put into my total. Seems to be a website error that almost made me buy elsewhere. However I am glad I was not scared off because of the way the staff handled my case. I would buy from them again!

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    I want all to know this company is great to work with. There was a misunderstanding on my original order, I thought they came in pairs. These guys were great and got out the others I needed right away. I will buy all my garage door parts here, they have the right price and great service, Thank You.

  4. hamjoyner

    I received my 10 rollers very promptly, and thanks to the excellent how-to-video, I had the rollers installed in about 15 minutes. The quality of the rollers was excellent, and my garage door is much quieter. I highly recommend this product and this company! Harry Joyner

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