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BB100 Bottom Bracket

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This garage door bottom bracket is installed at the bottom of the last panel of your garage door. The BB100 Bottom Bracket holds the final roller and your extension or torsion cable. The bottom bracket is compatible with the majority of residential and light commercial garage doors.

These are the most popular residential garage door bottom brackets that you will find. There is one main common problem that happens to this bottom bracket. The bracket and track can rub together as the door raises and lowers. When this happens the track will wear a groove into the bottom bracket. Due to the pressure of the cable the bracket will start to tear and bend up at the worn spot.

BB100 Bottom Bracket Features and Dimensions:

  • 5 11/16″ Long
  • 2 11/16″ Wide
  • 1 1/4″ Side Flange
  • Milford pin cable attachment
  • For use with 2″ track

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Garage Door Bottom Bracket

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Additional information

Weight 1.08 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 2.5 in


  1. Gianluca Lombardi

    I believe this is the first time I find myself writing a review….
    Kyle from the DIY store went the extra mile and spared me from paying additional $47 in 2nd day FedEx shipment once he realized that my urgent order was certainly not going to be any faster using FedEx, instead of USPS.
    He switched me to USPS Priority mail, called to let me know, and managed to ship early enough on a Thursday AM so that I would get the parts on Saturday, in time to make the repairs over the weekend, without waiting for the following one and staying with a disabled garage door for another week. My credit card was also promptly refunded of the shipment cost difference.
    On Monday I called Kyle and gave him my kudos for his outstanding customer service and for so patiently answering all my novice questions when I placed the order with DIY.

  2. Billy Long

    Fast service got monday.

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