3 3/8″ Center Bearing Bracket


3 3/8″ Center Bearing Bracket


Center bearing bracket with built in fixed center bearing, made with strong 12 gauge steel. The fixed bearing is the same dimensions as our long life center bearing (2″ outside with 1″ hole for the torsion bar) Holes are compatible to use with 1 3/4″, 2.0, and 2 5/8″ torsion springs. 5 1/2″ length x 5 3/8″ width (To check compatibility the measurement from the wall to the center of the bearing should be 3 3/8″) Bearing is rated for 400 lbs, and 45,000 cycles.

Additional information

Weight 1.65 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 × 1 × 4 in


  1. Chuck Curlin

    The part I received fit perfectly and was easy to install.

  2. Alan Holbrook

    It was much sturdier than the one installed and had bearing in the bracket.

  3. fwturman (verified owner)

    I had ordered and received a pair of springs. Realized upon further inspection that I needed to replace the center support too. ALL EQUIPMENT OF HIGH QUALITY. Most importantly, CUSTOMER SERVICE IS OUTSTANDING. The help and guidance made the repair job go easily and everything is working very well. Thank You Kyle for all the help. Colorado 12-22-2015

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