5 Dream Garage Ideas (& How To Do It Yourself)

Are you looking for different ways to maximize your garage and get the most out of the space it provides? Do you want to use your garage in a way that’s more unconventional than parking your car(s) in it? If so, then you need to look up dream ideas for a do-it-yourself garage.

This can help you find an idea for how to build a garage that you’ll love. When done right, it can be the most loved and highly-coveted feature on your property.

See below for a few different dream garage ideas you can use to brainstorm and find your perfect garage setup to build.

1. New Garage Door

Some of you might be tired of dealing with the issues of your Stanley door. Others of you might enjoy your current garage setup but are tired of the same inefficient garage door that you have.

If so, then it’s time to update the garage door yourself. Take matters into your own hands by finding the right type of garage door and setting it up for yourself. There are many to choose from; here’s a list to help highlight a few:

  1. Side-Sliding Garage Doors – These are among the most individualistic garage doors out there. Rather than raising to the top, these doors open up by shifting to one side of the garage. They have tracks on both the top and bottom, which negates any need to install an overhead operating system.
  2. Canopy Garage Doors – These garage doors come as one collective piece. There are no sections to them. As such, they open by pivoting out and up, until they lock in place at the top, providing a canopy-type of covering.
  3. Sectional Garage Doors – The most common of all garage doors. They feature many different sections and hinges that allow the garage to be pulled up to the ceiling by an overhead operating system. They’re durable, space-saving, and aesthetically-pleasing.

No matter what type you choose, the fun doesn’t stop there. There are many different colors and styles to choose from that can help enhance your home’s curb appeal.

2. Heated Floors

Perhaps you’re the type of person that enjoys using your garage as a place to partake in your hobbies. That might mean things like working on your car, using it as a studio space, or working out in your home gym.

No matter what you use it for, you would probably use it way more if it weren’t for the cold weather. If that’s something you can empathize with, be sure to invest in heated floors as part of your do it yourself garage repair.

You can install an in-floor heating system on your own and have a comfortable environment for your garage year-round. The heating system uses pipes that propel warm water around, keeping the floors warm.

Even better, you’ll be able to control the temperature, much like your AC unit. This can help you regulate your energy bill as well.

Make sure that you install a flooring material that works well with a heating system underneath. While you’re at it, find one that enhances the aesthetic of your garage as well.

3. Fitness Garage

Whether you’re looking to get back into fighting shape or trying to keep the results you already have, everyone can benefit from installing a home fitness gym in their garage. Not only does it promote your health, but it also helps you refrain from using your garage as a storage space in which to fill with useless items.

With the new garage door and heated floor system, you’ll find it easy and comfortable to commit to working out year-round. You can insulate the walls to retain more heat, if necessary.

You don’t have to break the bank to get a functional at-home gym. You can purchase a squat rack with a bench, which can help cover your leg days, back days, chest days, shoulder days, and arm days.

From there, you can add other things like dumbbells, kettlebells, a treadmill, and so on to better define your workouts.

4. Handyman’s Paradise

If you consider yourself a modern-day handyman, then you should use your garage as a way to properly organize and handle all your tools.

You can start by installing new floorings such as polished concrete, epoxy flooring, vinyl, or rubber tile. Then, be sure to build yourself do it yourself garage shelves to store all of your items and essential tools.

You can also install handy features such as a workman’s sink and siding on the inside walls of your garage. Lastly, strategically install a few hooks to hang your ladders, hedge trimmers, and other handheld tools that every handyman needs.

5. Minimal and Modern

Here’s something many people wish they could say about their garage: it’s simple and spacious. Even if you don’t have a particular use for your garage other than parking your car inside, that doesn’t mean you can’t give it an aesthetic boost.

Simply focus on three key features: storage, flooring, and insulation. As long as you effectively tackle those three things, you’ll be happy with the results and find many different ways to maximize your garage for years to come.

As far as aesthetics is concerned, consider staying with neutral colors. They offer a balanced and calm feel that allows you to use it more as a way to escape the everyday grind.

Build Your Dream Do It Yourself Garage With These Tips

Now that you have seen all of the different features and ideas to consider when building your dream do it yourself garage, be sure to use them to your advantage.

Of course, you’ll need all the necessary parts. Be sure to use our part finder page to purchase all the necessary equipment for how to build a garage.

For more inquiries, please be sure to reach out via our contact us page and we will be happy to assist you further!

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