End Hinge for Hormann Taurus 4200


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Hormann Garage Door End Hinge

Garage Hinges structurally hold your garage door together and should be inspected for stress fractures and cracks every 6 months to ensure proper function and prevent any damaged panels.  Hormann Garage Hinges have two parts the end hinge and the numbered roller carrier.
For example on the roller carrier that connect to the end hinges you should have a #1, #2, #3, #4, etc. They start from the bottom panel going up. This gives you the proper spacing so that the door fits correctly between the track and the wood framework around your garage door opening.
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Benefits of heavy duty garage hinges

If the wrong hinges are used on the end hinges this will cause gaps on the side of the garage door or for the garage door to be rubbing the wood door jams. It also will not allow the door to raise smoothly and cause rollers to bind in the tracks. Anytime the door is binding this will cause damage over time to your panels and your opener. Most of the time garage doors come with thin 18 gauge hinges, these are bad for breaking and also compromising the strength of your door. But Hormann uses high quality heavy gauge hinges.
These heavy duty hinges can make your door operate smoother because they do not flex as much as the thin 18 gauge hinges that come installed on a lot of garage doors. For maintenance be sure to keep the pivot points lubricated with a quality garage door lubricant like the Denco Gel Lube.
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  • Garage Door Lubricant

    Pro 44 Spray Lube

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  • Ultra Gel Lube Garage Door Lubricant

    Ultra Gel Lube for your Garage Door (Small Can)

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  • ProTec Lubricant – Garage Door Lube

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 Replacement Hormann Garage Door End Hinges

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Fast Shipping – You want to fix your garage door FAST . . . Right?

Replacement Garage Hinges

Here at DIY Garage Door Parts, we understand that if you are looking to buy new garage hinges then odds are that you have one that is ALREADY broken! This is why we ship your products almost immediately. Our main focus is taking care of our customers.
In most cases our orders go out either the SAME DAY or if placed in the evening then they go out NEXT DAY. We also offer the full spectrum of expedited quick ship options available via UPS. That means if you are willing to spend the money for next day air to get your replacement garage hinges . . . you can. It’s your choice just like it should be!
That’s right, all of them. Order Online and we will ship replacement garage door torsion springs for Do It Yourself people to anywhere in the US.


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